Jenny Mikac

is an ✥ artist who ✺ writes.

You can read more about me or go to Right Now to see what I’m currently up to. If you’d like to see my art, you can find it all on my Instagram. I have art available at my print shop if you’re looking to spruce up your bedroom walls. I’m an unsatiable maw when it comes to reading, you can check out my list to see what I’m currently reading and have read in the past.

This is not a typical blog. It’s a digital garden. There’s no hierarchy. There’s no linear order. You explore it through links; a little like getting lost in the woods. You can start here, with something I wrote about Showing up every day, softly. None of the writing is set in stone; things are loose and wiggly around here. Page dates will reflect when I last updated my thoughts. Good luck out there 🔍

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